Balance of Sins

Dark fantasy, horror, lore and legend…

All dropped into a vat of daily life.


Balance of Sins series:

...Get to know the characters.

with character profiles...

There are a lot of characters in this world. A lot of stories to be told and happenings to happen. Some are pretty identifiable. Others, not so much. Some you have a feeling of what they might be. Others – complete wildcards.

And let’s not even get into the family trees. Okay, let’s.

Metalic skull green/blue in a circle, no lower jaw, abstract design behind it. Balance of sins character profile - Avol icon image

... & their playlists.

What? Didn’t think they had playlists ready to deal with the onslaught of obscenities that enter into their lives? Right. Most of us have a playlist to shower to, let alone kick ass. Of course they have playlists.

Get in touch with the world...

with full immersion...

What’s better than relaxing with a good book, enjoying a hot beverage, with authentic smells from that world permeating throughout your perfect ambience. 

Every product is inspired by something that’s either happened in the series or is about to happen. You know you’re curious. And I do mean every product, from scented beeswax candles and melts, to caffeine-free teas and curios.

... and merch, of course.

Even got the merch angle covered for folks who want to spread a little extra love.

Even have fully immersive bundles containing the book of your choice and the entire set of scents and tea to go with your favorite sin.

Blog & Updates

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Life Happens: Episode 2

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Working on something...

I swear. I'm just not fully sure what to call it... Or really, what it actually is, but it's there.

The Podcast/Audio Book

It's still in the works. Don't worry. Just trying to gauge the level of iridescent insanity I feel like subjecting you poor unfortunate... folks to.

sins & scents - Surprise...

I am the candlestick maker. Enjoy the full immersion. Don't even have to charge it. Just add fire and heat.

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